Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, all applicants are required to create their accounts personally and build their job and personal profile before they can apply for jobs on DiV Careers. You cannot apply for a job without an account.

You need your basic information, Curriculum Vitae/Resume, a basic idea about the area of technology you are interested in.

No, there are no fees for our job search services.

Yes, all the companies you can be matched to are committed to helping you grow your skills.

No, this initiative is for women only.

No, you do not have to pay before registering on DiV Careers. But you might be required to pay a non-refundable subsidized registration fee.

Yes, you can. After which you will have the opportunity to sign up for and be exposed to training programs that will give you a solid foundation in technology. Also, you will have access to professional development resources including mentorship that will build you up for your professional career in technology.

There is a search feature on the DiV Careers dashboard that allows the applicant to type in keywords related to the search.

You apply for jobs on DiV Careers by hitting on the “Show Interest” button which is the last item on the row of that particular job. This can only be done if you are registered on DiV Careers.

All jobs posted on DiV Careers are legitimate. All companies that register on DiV Careers have been verified by Developers in Vogue.


An applicant can view jobs she has applied for on the dashboard.

Yes, you can register on DiV Careers and then create your CV. Follow this link for steps on how to create a CV using templates.

The availability of a job varies. On the dashboard, you will be able to see the various jobs and their expiration dates.

You will be sent an email with the next steps.

No, completing your personal and job profile is a requirement for you to be considered for a job.

No, DiV Careers does not have the direct salary information specific to each job. Salary information is sent to the applicant after they have passed the shortlisting process.

You may be informed if you are qualified for a job based on your CV and if it matches with the requirements given by the Company that posted the job. Also, a series of stages such as online training sessions may be carried to assess if you are qualified.

Yes. You can do this in the personal profile which is at the top right corner.

You can find your job profile by clicking the job profile tab in your portal.

Send an email to [email protected] requesting for assistance

Send an email to [email protected] requesting for assistance.



No. Your password is personal. Do not share it with anyone.

DiV Careers will share your contact information and resume with the hiring managers of the companies only. No one else will have access to your personal information.

Contact [email protected]

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